ICONS -- The International Conference on Neuromorphic Systems -- was a four day conference in at the Crown Plaza in downtown Knoxville. Unsurprisingly, TENNLab was well represented, with over 20 attendees. Katie Schuman was the program chair, and Garrett Rose was on the program committee. Our group had the following papers:

We either delivered or were authors in the following "lighting talks":

  • Design of superconducting optoelectronic networks for neuromorphic computing, Sonia Buckley, Adam McCaughan, Jeffrey Chiles, Richard Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Jeffrey Shainline, Catherine Schuman and James Plank.
  • Electrostriction, capacitive susceptibility, and neuromorphic computing with biomembranes, by Joseph Najem, Graham Taylor, Ryan Weiss, Md-Sakib Hasan, Garrett Rose, Catherine Schuman, A. Belianinov, Stephen Sarles and Charles Collier.
  • Stochastic Digital Spike-timing-dependent Plasticity Implementation for Memristive Neuromorphic System, by Bon Woong Ku, Md Musabbir Adnan, Catherine D. Schuman, Tiffany Mintz, Raphael Pooser, Garrett S. Rose and Sung Kyu Lim..

And we presented the following posters.

The conference had roughly 120 attendees, and was lively and informative!