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Towards Adaptive Spiking Label Propagation

Kathleen E. Hamilton and Catherine D. Schuman

July, 2018

ICONS: International Conference on Neuromorphic Systems

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Graph algorithms are a new class of applications for neuromorphic hardware. Rather than adapting deep learning and standard neural network approaches to a low-precision spiking environment, we look at how graph algorithms can be redesigned to incorporate and extract information generated by spiking neurons. While fully connected spin glass implementations of spiking label propagation have shown promising results on graphs with dense communities, identifying sparse communities remains difficult. This work focuses on steps towards adaptive spike-based implementations of label propagation, utilizing sparse embeddings and synaptic plasticity. Sparser embeddings reduce the number of inhibitory connections and synaptic plasticity is used to simultaneously amplify spike responses between neurons in the same community, while impeding spike responses across different communities. We present results on identifying communities in sparse graphs, focusing on graphs with very sparse communities.

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