In an odd twist of fate, TENNLab presented work in two conferences on the same week:

Jim Plank, Katie Schuman, Nate Cady and Sam Brown attended NICE, while Charlie Rizzo and Wilkie Olin-Ammentorp, fresh off his PhD defense, attended GOMAC. Here were all of our activities.

  • Katie and Nate were part of various organizing committees for NICE.
  • Jim and Katie delivered daily demonstrations of the TENNLab framework, featuring videos of the six LIDAR-based control applications on mrDANNA, DANNA 2, NIDA and SOENs.
  • Sam gave a poster presentation entitled Stochastic Neurons Within Spiking Neuromorphic Architectures.
  • Katie gave a talk entitled, Shortest Path and Neighborhood Subgraph Extraction on a Spiking Memristive Neuromorphic Implementation.
  • Charlie gave a talk entitled, The TENNLab Suite of LIDAR-Based Control Applications for Recurrent, Spiking, Neuromorphic Systems.
  • Wilkie gave a talk entitled, Adapting Spiking Networks to Neuromorphic Hardware Subject to Process Variability.