Our TENNLab team taped out and submitted the first generation of a DANNA/mrDANNA integrated circuit (IC) design on September 1, 2017. The final IC is 5 mm X 6 mm in area and consists of the building blocks for a 36-core mrDANNA array, a 16x16 DANNA array, and a separate 10x10 DANNA array. This first fabrication run is an "experimental playground" where combinations of different synaptic elements and neurons will be tested to determine the best approach for implementing a fully connected NIDA-based neuromorphic system in a future design and fabrication run. This first generation DANNA/mrDANNA IC is being fabricated using a nanoelectronic process that combines conventional CMOS transistors with metal-oxide memristors. The IC is currently being fabricated by collaborators at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, NY with packaged chips expected in Knoxville early 2018.