Four high school students from Tennessee and Illinois, as part of the HITES11 program, came to work with our software group. Advised by Dr. Plank, and helped greatly by Grant Bruer, Ksenia Burova, MaryBeth Burst, Trevor Dixon, Michael Goin, John Reynolds, Nick Skuda and Grace Zhao, the students installed our software suite onto their computers, and commenced a project where they changed the input techniques for the Flappy Bird application. They used our genetic algorithms to evaluate which of these techniques was most effective at communicating the state of Flappy Bird to NIDA architectures.

HITES 2017 students with our group Left to right, front row: Kelli from Belleville, IL, Brie and Garrett from Arlington, TN, Charlie from Memphis, Grace and MaryBeth. Back row: Trevor, Michael, Grant, Ksenia and Dr. Plank.

Action Photos During Their Presentation

The room was really dark, which is why these are pretty grainy (had to brighten them in GIMP).


This was my favorite bullet point in their slides:

Bullet point