Our group will be doing a lot of presentations at NICE (Neuro Inspired Computational Elements), March 6-8, 2017 in San Jose. If you're planning to go to NICE, please attend our talks, come see our posters, and talk to us!

  • Jim Plank will be giving a lightning talk on Tuesday, March 7. The title is DANNA Neuromorphic Application Development Kit, and Jim will give an overview of our group, our vertical approach to neuromorphic computing, and some videos of the DANNA Kit Demo.
  • Aaron Young and John Reynolds will be demonstrating the DANNA Kit demo, which will be highlighted by the FPGA running neuromorphic control applications.
  • Katie Schuman will be presenting a poster entitled, The Effect of Biologically-Inspired Mechanisms in Spiking Neural Networks for Neuromorphic Implementation.
  • Gangotree Chakma will be presenting a poster entitled, Memristive Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Array (mrDANNA).
  • Aaron Young will be presenting a poster to accompany the demo.
  • We will also be presenting a poster entitled, A Vertical Application Programming and Development Framework for Spike-Based Neuromorphic Computing Devices.

Here are direct links to the posters: Vertical Framework, DANNA Kit Demo, mrDANNA, Effect of Biologically-Inspired Mechanisms.