Research Posters

Poster: Dynamical Speciation of Spiking Networks

  • February, 2018
  • Wilkie Olin-Ammentorp, Catherine Schuman, James Plank, Garrett Rose, Joseph van Nostrand, Nathaniel C. Cady
  • 6th Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE 2018)

Poster: Evolutionary Optimization Training for Neuromorphic Systems for Scientific Applications

  • November, 2017
  • Catherine D. Schuman, Thomas Potok, Robert Patton, Steven Young, Garrett Rose, Gangotree Chakma, and Austin Wyer
  • IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC 2017)

Poster: NeoN: Neuromorphic Navigation with DANNA

  • July, 2017
  • J. Parker Mitchell, Grant Bruer, Mark E. Dean, Catherine D. Schuman and James S. Plank
  • Neuromorphic Computing Symposium 2017

Poster: A Practical Hafnium-Oxide Memristor Model Suitable for Circuit Design and Simulation

  • May, 2017
  • Sherif Amer, Sagarvarma Sayyaparaju, Karsten Beckmann, Nathaniel C. Cady and Garrett. S. Rose
  • ISCAS: International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Poster: Structure-based Fitness Prediction for the Variable-structure DANNA Neuromorphic Architecture

  • May, 2017
  • Aleksander Klibisz, Grant Bruer, Catherine D. Schuman and James S. Plank
  • IJCNN: The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks

Poster: Circuit Techniques for Online Learning of Memristive Synapses in CMOS-Memristor Neuromorphic Systems

  • May, 2017
  • Sagarvarma Sayyaparaju, Gangotree Chakma, Sherif Amer and Garrett S. Rose
  • 27th ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI

Poster: NeoN: Neuromorphic Control System for Autonomous Robotic Navigation

  • April, 2017
  • Parker Mitchell, Grant Bruer, Andrew Valesky, Trevor Sharpe, and David Young
  • University of Tennessee ECE402/CS402 Senior Design Final Project Poster

Poster: Memristive Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Array (mrDANNA)

  • March, 2017
  • Gangotree Chakma, Austin Wyer, Ryan Weiss and Garrett S. Rose
  • 5th Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE 2017)

Poster: The Effect of Biologically-Inspired Mechanisms in Spiking Neural Networks for Neuromorphic Implementation

  • March, 2017
  • Catherine D. Schuman
  • 5th Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE 2017)

Poster: A Vertical Application Programming and Development Framework for Spike-Based Neuromorphic Computing Devices

  • March, 2017
  • James S. Plank, Catherine D. Schuman, Mark Dean, Garrett Rose and John Reynolds
  • 5th Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE 2017)

Poster: DANNA Neuromorphic Application Development Kit Demo

  • March, 2017
  • Mark Dean, Aaron Young, Parker Mitchell, Patricia Eckhart, John Reynolds, Grant Bruer, Adam Disney, James Plank, and Catherine Schuman
  • 5th Neuro Inspired Computational Elements Workshop (NICE 2017)

Poster: Dynamic Adaptive Neural Network Arrays -- A Neuromorphic Platform

  • September, 2016
  • Adam Disney
  • SMC16: Smoky Mountain Computational Sciences and Engineering Conference